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Thanks to SuperTenant, we've seen a tangible improvement in our anomaly detection and response times. Their platform makes complex data actionable, streamlining our operations without any code changes on our end.

Chen SalomonDirector of Engineering,

Service load in multi-tenant environments is inherently hard to predict. Resource are either over-provisioned (waste) or under-provisioned (degradation and unavailability).

Usage spikes Noisy neighborsPlatform faults

SuperTenant developed novel tenant-aware technology which radically improves service resilience and resource allocation efficiency in the most demanding types of services.

Tenant-Aware observability

SuperTenant light-weight Instrumentation automatically collects per-tenant utilization and performance.

Real-time true load detection

Analysis of every request allows instant detection of degradations at tenant and service level.

Capacity Change +1.2 GB











Dynamic Tenant QoS

Performance isolation and tenant prioritization guarantee optimal service level.

Application req/sec

Higher performance and smart scaling

50% higher service performance and improved resiliency under load. Just-in-time scaling based on true load and business oriented rules.

Capacity Management

June 2022

120.84 GB

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